Spinal Stenosis


The Causes of Spinal Stenosis

As we age, we are more susceptible to developing spinal stenosis. The discs of the spine will become drier and begin to shrink and the bones of the spine can begin to swell. Ligaments that grow larger from chronic inflammation, can become a debilitating condition.

Spinal Stenosis can also be caused by infections, birth defects, tumors in the spine and arthritis. The doctors at Pohlman Pain Associates use various methods to determine a diagnosis of the spine. X-rays, bone scans and MRI are commonly used. When spinal stenosis occurs, a doctor may recommend surgery to create new space for the nerves and spinal cord.

When your spine begins to narrower in the lower back or neck region, it puts unwanted stress and pressure on the spinal cord. The nerves become aggravated and may cause pain and numbness in legs, shoulders, arms and back. Spinal Stenosis can cause loss of sensations and bowel functions.

There are non-surgical options for Spinal Stenosis which include OTC drugs, corticosteroid injections, anesthetic injections, lumbar braces and restricted movements and activity. At Pohlman Pain Associates, we are experts at treating Spinal Stenosis. Do not suffer from this condition. Become a patient today and see how we can help you!

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